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Cooperation mode


Venue docking or game video rental

By providing the parameters and game results of the gaming tables through API connections and simultaneously providing the corresponding video contents of the gaming tables, vendors can use XG Live Arena to function a variety of games on their own gaming terminals; vendors can also rent only the video streams and results with their own interface to increase the application's flexibility.


Internet cafe system model

This product is mainly to be used in a commercial management software similar to the Internet cafe environment to manage one to multiple computers, such as opening game accounts, account management, player deposit and withdrawal operations, counter withdrawals, game management, risk control management and LOGO and other functions, in which the product will be included and can be operated after the setup is completed.


Credit model

We provide businesses with the capacity to function without trying to locate a trustworthy development team, in addition to a highly profitable platform to initiate a mutually beneficial partnership model.


Integrated development model

Through our integrated development model, we provide customization options for your brand to meet the customer needs of each vendor, including dedicated logos, dedicated environments, dedicated dealers, and other language and currency customization development.


Live video collaboration

We provide assistance and counseling on the construction of video set-ups, live video streaming technology, and training and recruitment of dealers.


Supported languages and currencies

English, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

XG Game has legal licenses issued by the Gaming Curacao (GC), and Isle of Man.It's a legal company that is registered in the Curacao and be recognized by multiple International Associations.


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